Benefits of Bespoke Brand Strategy

Having a robust digital marketing strategy and a healthy online presence is an essential part of growing your business and preparing it for the future. A solid digital foundation includes a well-optimized site, great content marketing strategy, and strong social media engagement achieved through consistent quality posting.

Brand Awareness is Key

Increased brand awareness will ensure that your customers, both current and potential, can find you easily online. ELL Comms will ensure that your digital presence is as conspicuous as it can be, while ensuring that your brand message remains consistent and your company’s ‘brand voice’ can be heard above the chatter of your competitors.

Through engagement with targeted strategies utilizing third party websites and social media, we can build bridges to your future customers, allowing your brand presence to grow across multiple platforms. We will employ a variety of approaches to achieve this, from hyper-localized to wide-ranging content dissemination, and outreach to targeted social media initiatives.

Audience Engagement

There are three primary ways to deliver more traffic to a website:

  • The first is SEO. Through a combination of website optimization and content marketing you increase your site’s organic rankings in Google’s, and other search engines, search results pages, thus driving more traffic to your site via organic search.
  • The second is by attracting direct & referral traffic to your site. By publishing great quality content across various industry-respected sites, we will demonstrate thought leadership and engage with the issues that your contemporaries and clients face in their day-to-day lives. Referral traffic of this kind is highly targeted and is far more likely to convert than more generic search query traffic.
  • Thirdly, and by no means least, is social media engagement. Engaging with your community using the channels and platforms where they are currently active is critical if you are to maximize your market penetration and communicate with as wide a possible spectrum of your existing and potential customers.

Increase Website Performance

There are many shortcuts to boosting your website’s rankings in Google search but none of them deliver the kind of sustainable ongoing results a well-optimized site with a strong backlink portfolio can.

ELL Comms does not believe in shortcuts. The secret to a website’s long-term success is through proper optimization and maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times, avoiding the kind of pitfalls and shortcuts that could compromise your website’s hard-earned integrity at a future date.

The best performing websites are those that perform well in the eyes of both Google and the user. A site that does this will, in fact, benefit from future algorithm updates from Google that penalize the poor practices of its competitors.

Drive Clients to Enquire

Being visible means being contactable, so by building up your online profile across all relevant platforms, your potential customers will be able to find you easily. Having a comprehensive digital strategy in place that drives customers to your website is only part of the equation, however, we must apply the right level of targeting to deliver targeted relevant traffic to your site. And more relevant traffic means much higher enquiry levels and conversions, both on and offline.