Let’s Talk About Comms!

At ELL Comms we believe putting together the right digital marketing strategy for your business means us getting to know each other in advance.

Let’s Talk, Meet, and Design.

Every business is different. This is why we take the time to call, email, meet face-to-face, and talk through your requirements, to ensure that we fully understand your situation before we recommend a market strategy. This involves questioning you about your specific and more general business objectives, establishing which tactics you are currently using and identifying any major issues or priorities you may have. This information serves to act as our basis, and our strategies are designed with this in mind.

Let’s Look at Your Numbers.

Successful digital marketing relies on research. Typically this would include the basic facts and figures of your website and company’s performance. Undertaking an analysis of the effectiveness of your current strategy, and a look around the marketplace to see what may be affecting your business’ performance at the moment. Major trends, influencers, advances in your industry sector, and a review of what your competition is up to, are all key audits that need to take place before we engage in developing strategy.

Let’s Strategize.

Once we fully understand your situation we use fact-finding, market research, and our own expert knowledge to create a tailor-made strategy. One that may involve sourcing the best minds in the business and collaborating with other expert providers to ensure your campaigns perform and that we deliver.

Delivery and Implementation.

Now that we have provided you with a solution that fits, keeping on top of things is essential to ensure a successful campaign.

We will provide you with the weekly statistical evidence you need to assess whether our strategy is working for you. We will produce weekly a set of statistics that will enable you to judge the performance of your digital or search marketing campaign, from initial optimization through to on-going development work.