FOLIO.YVR Submission & Deadlines for 2019

Folio.YVR is a monthly digital magazine showcasing and celebrating the west coast luxury lifestyle distributed without cost through This unique publication is free from advertising, existing as a sponsored supplement to EcoLuxLuv Communications, and as such, first dibs for inclusion in Folio.YVR is granted to current clients of EcoLuxLuv Communications as part of their marketing packages.

Each issue tentatively breakdowns into the following sections: Personalities (3 articles totaling 14 pages), Retail (4 articles totaling 16 pages), Real Estate (1 article x 6 pages), Editorial (1 article x 6 pages), Beauty (2-4 pages), Culinary (1 article x 4 pages), Arts & Culture (1 article x 4 pages), and Adventure/Travel (2 articles totaling 10 pages).

Folio.YVR contains content which is highly curated to ensure a reading experience that far exceeds standard advertorial content, is educational, and creates conversation through storytelling.

Sponsorship Deadline is payment due date.

For more details on page availability within Folio.YVR until the end of 2019, please contact EcoLuxLuv Communications here.