EcoLuxLuv Comms: Fee Schedule for Clients

I. Social Media

We offer 3 Content Creation Packages which can be in English, English/Mandarin, English/Cantonese – whatever is the most suited to your audience. Each is $1,500/month with a 15% discount on 3-month package booking.

Punctuality Package: Consistent posting on a pre-approved schedule to FB, IG, Tw, and LI. Bonus Summary Instastory each Sunday by 9am. Provide ELL with 30 images, 30 text stories, a list of your tried and true hashtags, and we will prep and post on 4 platforms every morning at 7 am with additional tweets out at 11:30 am to catch your followers at lunch and at 5 pm to catch them on their way home.

30 for 30 Package: Recommended for company’s just starting out or a brand looking to shift gears quickly. This package gives you 30 posts in 30 days. We will work out a 7-day a week strategy to build your new look and feel quickly. Your feed will be glorious in just 30 days and your followers will have a whole new impression of who you are and what you offer. We will work with you to compile 30 posts to be shared across 4 platforms; including images, text stories, hashtags, image and geo-tagging (IG), with an IG Instastory Summary every Sunday. An alternate option: If you want an immediate online history, ELL will arrange to post all 30 days of content in a shorter timeframe such as a week or even in one day!

Strategic Package: For established businesses which are seeking to target their demographic with a focussed strategy to increase awareness, and sales. This package may augment your in-house posts or provide content over-and-above your current focus. Posts are 3-days per week with an IG Instastory on the day of your choice. This package is ideal for sales lead-ups/alerts, promotional opportunities, event awareness, and/or anything that is special to the specific month. Each Sunday we will change your social media platform header images to keep your profiles fresh and up-to-date.


II. Content Creation for Website Engagement

1. Back to Basics Package
Is your website doing your brand justice? Does it convey confidence, inspire trust, and educate? Is you Evergreen content complete? Is your company history and About Us up-to-date? Let us build your basic content and ensure that all pages and images are keyworded and tagged to stimulate ranking.

We will provide a quote based on:
a) The amount of pages needing keywording/tagging at a rate of $50/hour
b) The amount of words required for editing/creating Evergreen text at $0.50/word

2. Blogging for Your Brand
Solid blog content written to spec provides an excellent opportunity to craft the narrative of your brand and its history, promote products/services offered, to educate, facilitate storytelling, create a stronger bond with your customer, and to draw in new customers. Plus adding new content on your website will not only build your subscription base (for future target marketing), it will provide content that can be repurposed into social media posts for months.

Option: Blog #1 – $300 Full
Consists of 300 – 500 words, up to 8 images, up to 5 outbound links, up to 3 inbound links, keywords, image tagging, Yoast fulfillment, and formatting (headings, lists, readability, etc) to ensure the post is pleasing to Google. The blog can be uploaded to your website and saved as a draft for your approval and scheduling.

Option: Blog #2 – $200 Mini
Consists of an average of 300 words, up to 3 images, up to 3 outbound links, 1 inbound link, keywords, image tagging, Yoast fulfillment, and formatting as necessary and may include headings, lists, readability, etc, to ensure the post is pleasing to Google. The blog can be uploaded to your website and saved as a draft for your approval and scheduling. All images to be provided by the client. If you require images sourced and/or photography, we can quote based on the time required at $50/hour.


III. Subscription Services

According to Forbes Magazine, it costs seven times the investment to cultivate a new client, whereas it only takes two times the investment to retain a current client. Building brand loyalty is savvy and cost-effective.

1. Database Development – $50/hour
Let us compile all your ‘lists’ into a comprehensive database which will act as source material for your marketing campaigns, event guest lists, personalized mail-outs, etc.

2. eMail-Outs – $300
Let us work with you to develop a strategy to engage your customers and reward their loyalty through direct campaigns using your databases.

FYI: An average eMail-out template includes a feature element, an update, an offer, and click-through.

For example, an eMail-out for a Luxury Fashion Brand would be structured like this:

Beautiful and eye-catching graphic with logo incorporation
Feature: What’s New for Fall/Winter 2019?
Update: New outerwear has arrived in store
Offer: For a limited time for subscribers only receive 15% off purchases over $500.
Click-through: 3 images which link to the e-commerce section of the website.


IV. Business Services

1. Consulting – $100/hour
Do you need advice on which Loyalty Program or Review App is best for your business? How to roll-out new campaigns? How to initiate collaborations with individuals, influencers, or other businesses? What is a Brand Ambassador and do you really need one? Ask us whatever you want! We are here to offer guidance and help you solve your marketing problems.

2. Website Overview – $275
Is your website outdated or lacking in personality? Let us go through it, page by page (up to 10 main pages), and generate a recommendations report that you can use as a guideline to bolster your online presence. Let us test your links, check your voice, make suggestions for content, and provide an overview that tells you what your visitors think and feel when they visit your website.

3. Digital Overview – $275
A dissection of your digital platforms and the content going back 3 months. Available for FB, IG, Tw, LI, and Pin. (If you wish WeChat and/or Weibo, we can outsource this to our Chinese digital specialist).


V. WordPress Starter Website Creation – $1,200

A solidly built website provides the backbone to which all your social media connects to, and drives online traffic to. A basic but informative website is a must-have and if your company is in need of a WordPress site that is easy to maintain, update, and build-out, ELL can create one for you relatively quickly, and in most cases, in less than a week. This starter package includes a WordPress template, creation of 5-pages (Home, About Us, Services, Blog, Contact/Location). You provide the text and images and we will set-up the pages, add general info and settings, craft page content, create links, add keywords and image tagging, set-up forms, link social media, and add widgets and plug-ins as required.


VI. Media Exposure

1. Media Placements – $50 – $500
Receiving media exposure through print media and digital outlets is highly desirable as it provides a 3rd-party recommendation for your business services/products that aren’t of your own making. These opportunities range from a business mention or reference in an article or blog post, inclusion in popular listicles, feature article or a spotlight (business, founder, product/service). They also include custom or sponsored posts in suitable publications or websites.

Pricing for Media Placement is on a sliding scale depending on the opportunity with a reference or mention being $50 to $500 for a sponsored/customized post plus $0.50/word to write the article. We will work with you to strategize a pitch to specific publications which have the best audience for your story.

2. Press Release – $200
A business should do a press release at least every 3 months to announce something, literally, anything can be turned into a press release. Announce anything that is new, or changing, a collaboration, an event, even getting a mention in other press! Press releases offer inbound links, helps Google ranking, and gets your story in front of the media and online content creators. A standard press release template includes the main focus of the announcement, 1 – 2 quotes from key persons, 1 – 3 images, and company contact details. Upon approval ELL will distribute to Lower Mainland media and post on a series of free press release websites.


VII. Folio.YVR Magazine

EcoLuvLuv Communications has launched a monthly digital magazine in flip-format is available on for viewing on magazine platform. With a tagline of ‘Embracing the West Coast Luxury Lifestyle,’ Folio.YVR presents a monthly artistic and beautifully designed reflection of life in our eco-conscious city and the areas surrounding. The publication focuses on luxury-level fashion, design, and shopping; VIP, private, and charity events; the best in plantbased culinary and dining; the exquisiteness of our vices; cruelty-free beauty and spa experiences; experiential travel and discovery; the most impressive architecture and real estate; and, of course, all things that go extremely fast.

  • Folio.YVR will be the vehicle for the iconic brands and services that make our corner of Canada so unique and desirable.
  • Folio.YVR is a sponsored-content only publication that will contain no overt advertising which allows us to control the quality and voice of each page. It will 100% quality content-driven with a focus on storytelling presented in a flip-format that delivers a glossy print experience online.
  • To be considered for inclusion – a brand, product, or service – must be first pre-cleared by the publisher and be recognized as a suitable fit in the west coast luxury lifestyle niche.
  • Folio.YVR has a separate rate sheet (from the above media placement pricing) which begins at $50/reference/mention to $250/full page plus $0.50/word to compose the rich content. Further details available upon request.

At EcoLuxLuv Communications, we offer the above marketing tools to help you solidify your digital presence through effective content creation. We are open to requests for promotional services, strategy assistance, introductions, event production, etc.

*** Please note that if you are seeking Follower/Likes building campaigns via the implementation of timely contests and giveaways, or via customized Instastories, we will be happy to connect you to one of our partners who specialize in impactful digital engagement marketing.