Definitely Dali Arrives at Oakridge

Definitely Dali Arrives at Oakridge

Aficionados of one of the 20th century’s most intriguing and controversial artist – Salvador Dali – have until October 1st to view the incredible installation at Oakridge Centre in the West Gallery. The Chali-Rosso Art Gallery has launched a public exhibition highlighting Dali’s original seven-foot tall bronze sculpture called the Dance of Time l. The installation also includes 12 gallery-sized Dali sculptures and 10 Dali artworks on panels.

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Private preview of Definitely Dali. Guests enjoyed interpretive dance by Arts Umbrella | Image by Helen Siwak

In this non-traditional location and format, adults and children alike can appreciate Dali’s artwork in a free and public setting. Oakridge Centre and Chali-Rosso have partnered to redefine where art is showcased around Vancouver, and how individuals can obtain easy access to works of art beyond just galleries and museums.

Oakridge Centre, a place where customers not only come to shop, but also a space where they can learn, enjoy beauty, meet friends, listen to music, and create and view artwork; it has become one of Vancouver’s great shopping destinations, and the Definitely Dali exhibition is a true example of how they are transforming their customers’ mall experience.

If the exhibition whets your appetite for more Dali’s surrealist strokes, head downtown to view the 100 additional original Salvador Dali artworks at the Chali-Rosso Gallery.

For the duration of this Dali exhibition, all public donations gathered, as well as a percentage of Chali-Rosso Gallery sales will go to Arts Umbrella, a non-profit arts education centre for young people.

For more information on the Definitely Dali project visit

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