Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

Everyone is online – potential customers, competitors, vendors, partners, investors, products, services, and you.

Digital marketing is about using all this to your advantage. Marketing channels like search, email, and social media put your content in front of global audiences at a fraction of the cost of commercials (radio or television), print ads, or billboards.

In 2020, digital became the main arena for marketing. It is estimated that quintillions of bytes of data will be added to the web, millions of blog posts will be published, billions of search engine queries are about to be made, and millions of new sites are being prepped to be launched.

ELL Comms uses data to decide what content to create, who to create it for, what digital channels to promote it on, and how to measure its success.

Our goal is to use digital content to accomplish your business objectives. These could include improving your search presence, engaging leads, re-engaging prospects, boosting loyalty among existing customers, driving revenue for your brand or all of the above.

Four Key Elements
  • An Audience
  • Content
  • Content Distribution Channels
  • A Strategy

ELL Comms refines the audience, delivers the strategy, creates the content, distributes and promotes the content, and monitors success.

Our digital marketing services can be by package or a la carte. Just tell us what you need!